Families Organizing for Racial Justice

Families Organizing for Racial Justice (FORJ) at Cabot Elementary School

FORJ@Cabot is a vibrant community of families working together to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion by offering opportunities for awareness, education, and engagement. As a parent-led volunteer extension of the PTO, we partner with Cabot’s principal, teachers, and staff with the following goals.

  • Develop and support antiracism initiatives and practices that reduce inequities in our school community.

  • Support and amplify Families of Color at Cabot.

  • Help to foster racial awareness and productive dialogue among parents and families.

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Letter from the Principal

Cabot Elementary School actively supports the work towards racial justice in our community. We work in partnership with the parents from FORJ in this effort. This is a school-wide focus and a call to action that is necessary for our students.

Rick Weissbord from Making Caring Common/Harvard School of Education shared the following: “We need to raise our children to understand the history of race and racism in this country and to recognize and fight racism in all its modern forms. That means talking to children in developmentally appropriate ways about why people are protesting and engaging children’s questions.”

I am confident our shared vision and goals will lead to a more supportive and inclusive school community for our students.

- Eric Sprung, Principal

Cabot Elementary School, Newton, MA

FORJ across Newton, MA

Our Cabot team is only one piece of the FORJ story in our city. Families Organizing for Racial Justice is a coalition of families in and around Newton, MA, who believe change starts at home and in our own communities. We use our collective voices to strive to make our city a more safe and just place, create stronger connections, and raise young people who are comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zones to stand up for justice.

Do you have older kids in Newton Public Schools? Check out the sites of Day Middle School and FORJ for Newton North High School.

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